Welcome to my website that I try to squeeze everything in but keep it as simple as possible. It’s a pleasure for me to have you read on my page.

This autumn, after Apple finally introduced wireless charging standard “Qi”, with a correct pronunciation [chee], to their brand new handset devices, I realised it might be a very good chance for me to introduce my name to you again, and this time, without any difficulty for everyone to neither remember or call it.

My name is Qi You, a self-motivated creative person lives in London. So here you will find the most recent updates on projects I work on, interesting thoughts and inspirations I collect from anywhere else.

If you find any project you are interested in collaborating, please find the contact details at the bottom of each page and choose a preferable way to drop me a message. Also, you can find more details on my working history on the project page here or via my Linkedin profile page.

Hope you had, having or going to have a great day.

See you soon. x

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