News Coverage & Editorial Contents

From late 2011 to 2012, while I was taking my initial role of videographer and editor with Okhiwi Limited (formerly known as C Cubed Media), the main focus of my work was to produce editorial contents, news features and video contents for Xinhua News Agency London Bureau, BBC World Service and the company’s page on social media channels.

Okhiwi Limited was a strategic partner of BBC UK China and Xinhua News Agency London Bureau for which the news and video production team provided exclusive video media news and features. We also worked closely with international media platforms and outlets creating bespoke news and features productions, facilitating international material exchange and providing an expert editorial service.

During the time, as the camera operator/editor and producer I covered a wide range of topics from politics and education to entertainment and culture, this includes 2011 England Riots, London Fashion Week, London Olympics, Farnborough Airshow and etc., in addition, I also produced various editorial contents covering life, culture and celebrity interviews, and led several broadcast PR projects for clients including Hainan Airline, Sichuan Provincial Tourism Board and the Chinese Embassy in the UK.