Project: Chrisanne Clover

Ballroom dancing is all about the interpretation of music through dance, in creativity, hard work and transformation into something unique and spectacular. Apart from the beauty of the dance itself, the experience is raised to another level altogether by the wonderfully creative use of costume.

In the same way that a butterfly begins life, Chrisanne Clover, takes the raw ingredients of exclusive fabrics and a liberal sprinkling of fairy crystals and, using the best British creative minds, metamorphoses dreams and imagination into things of unique are rare beauty.

During the time of Blackpool Dance Festival 2017, We were commissioned to help Chrisanne Clover relaunch their Haute Couture service and brand image by creating a unique visual experience, via producing highly engaging advertising films, visually express the key messages of style, class, passion, world-class, international, beauty and exclusivity.

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