Project: British Council Online Campaign in China Market

Under the global campaign of ’Study UK – Discover You’, The Shape Creative has been selected by British Council China to deliver their overall online brand strategy and promote the image of UK education to audiences in China. As the Contract Creative Project Manager, I am responsible for producing all visual contents from initial concept to final completion, the main campaign film ‘The Next 365 Days’ has achieved a significant result of over 790,000 playbacks since released.

Please note that I do not own the copyright and property/model release for any footage included in the showreel.Due to the copyright agreement, please check the official link for the video below:

‘The Next 365 Days’ School Season Campaign Official Video PageStudy UK Showcase 2018 Teaser Trailer – Official Video Page

Based on our dedicated audience research results, instead of isolating the general concern in China of the course length of UK education, my creative strategy is to highlight how much more the rich and diverse experience students could get within a relatively short time period while studying in the UK. With the concept of ‘The Next 365 Days’, the film presents a collection of ‘goals’ that can be achieved in 365 days – a common course length for post-graduate students. By featuring identical ordinary individuals and venues representing different characters and industries, we aim to encourage the audience to focus on the life progression brought by the outcome of experiencing rather than the time spent.

From idea pitching to post production, I worked as the project lead and managed a team of 6, including account manager and external camera operator; my responsibilities included developing the creative brief, producing proof of concept trailer using archive materials, storyboarding, on-site filming and editing. I also needed to control the project resource management such as contacting participants and venues, budget controlling and etc. With very short notice, I was able to complete the project under a limited budget one week ahead of schedule.

Combined with my experience in graphic and digital front-end design, I also produced two poster series and a time management app on WeChat for the campaign. Along with the film, we successfully delivered a complete brand message to the target audience across different platforms.

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